Get the Drop on Bass Quick!

Message from Marc: I designed QuickDrops because I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere on the market and dropshotting had become an important tool in my tournament arsenal. QuickDrops are specifically designed to give you the same compact size and straight fall of round weights, without the annoying rolling on the bottom that deadens the feel of the bottom. While testing this design, it became immediately apparent that this shape prevents the weight from snagging rocks on the bottom, and even weeds. It was further discovered that the shape is easy to grip and release when making underhand pitches. This makes casting a dropshot rig under docks and low hanging branches possible with pinpoint precision.

Try these weights just once and you will see for yourself the advantage of a teardrop shaped weight when dropshotting.  

QuickDrops also make an excellent choice for Carolina Rigging over gravel or rocky bottoms.  Just tie a barrel swivel between your leader and your main line, and leave about a one-half inch end of monofilament at your swivel knot to attach the QuickDrop. This rig is also dynamite for steelhead and salmon in rivers! You will feel more bites, and get fewer snags.

QuickDrops are tournament grade at an economy price.


  • Less Snags in rock than round weights.
  • Best Line Clip with Full Swivel to reduce line-twisting.
  • Superior Sensitivity (round weights and pencil weights give poor feel for bottom composition).
  • Sink straight without twisting your line like pencil weights.
  • Compact so fish are not spooked by their size.
  • Affordable (sizes 1/16th to oz packaged 10 QuickDrops per box; sizes 3/8 to 1 oz packaged 5 QuickDrops per box).
  • Sizes (1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, , , and 1 oz) in color-coded reusable boxes.



Copyright 2007 Marc Marcantonio